Around the World

Around the World

For a week here at Bright Road Recovery our Dietary staff created a menu featuring plates from different countries around the world. This exposure is unique to Bright Road Recovery as we want our program to include a variety of meals from cultures near and far. We have designed a safe and supportive space for our patients to experience and challenge themselves to try new foods.

The week started off with a familiar hotel continental breakfast before boarding for our journey across the world.  First country we landed in was Mexico. We experienced / tasted the traditional national breakfast of Chilaquiles made with tortillas, eggs, cheese and a green salsa sauce.

Following Mexico, we headed to Peru, famous for it’s ruins of the ancient city of Machu Pichu. The classic dish, Lomo Saltado features an influence of Chinese cuisine with the addition of rice. The core of the dish includes beef strips cooked in a soy sauce and spice marinade served over fries (yes fries!) and tomatoes. A traditional Aji sauce made from lettuce and cilantro finishes the dish.

The next day we arrived in China. Here we enjoyed a hot rice congee breakfast that was combined with flavors and ingredients of the pacific islands. We topped the congee with spam, eggs, green onions and a little bit of soy sauce. It was an intuitive and fun dish that combined two distinct cuisines to create a savory breakfast. We felt that incorporating traditional fruits from the area would be provide a well rounded experience. Fruits included, rambutan, lychee, mango and some jackfruit.

For lunch we served a customary rice noodle dish, with lemon grass chicken and fresh greens that was inspired by Vietnam. Lemon grass is a classic ingredient used in traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Crossing the seas we enter Europe where we had a layover in England and had a delightful English Breakfast which included fried tomatoes, baked beans, bacon, sausage, fried egg and toast. Later that day we traveled to Italy where we enjoyed a classic caprese pasta with a glass of blood orange Italian soda and after we got to have cannoli the Bright Road version. We made a creamy cannoli dip and served it with buttery waffle cookies, the combination was spot on!

Last stop of this international trip was back home to the good ol’ south where we got to enjoy the comfort of home style cookin. For breakfast we made a creamy turkey gravy ladled over warm, buttery and flaky biscuits. For lunch we made the good ol’ classic Chicken and Waffles with the traditional sides of coleslaw and pasta salad. You can’t forget dessert! We made homemade peach cobbler with fresh white peaches and a brown sugar crumble that was to die for.  Back home and ready for another food filled adventure!