Common abbreviations

  • Teaspoon – tsp.
  • Tablespoon -Tbsp.
  • Cup – c.
  • Pint – pt.
  • Quart – qt.
  • Gram – g.
  • Ounce – oz.
  • Pound – lb.
  • Milliliter – ml.
  • Liter – lt.

Knife Skills

  • Cut on a stable surface
  • Carry a knife with the blade pointing downwards
  • Hold the knife in your dominant hand and make your other hand into a claw, fingers curled inward. Place your claw on top of the food you’re chopping. Place the flat side of the blade against the knuckles of your claw, with your knuckles tucked under and out of the way.
  • Cuts
    • Slice– broad and generally thin
    • Chop– cutting items into small pieces with no uniformity
    • Julienne– small and thin stick like shapes
    • Dice– cube like shaped
    • Mince-finely chopped

Lets Begin!

Mise En Place is a french phrase which means “everything is in place”. When cooking we want things to run as smoothly and cleanly as possible. Mise en Place is the first thing we do to get started, it is the collection of everything you will need for a recipe. Gathering and preparing all tools and ingredients will assist you in executing any recipe with efficiency and ease.

    • Gather all tools/equipment needed to complete this recipe. This includes any specific kitchen tools like a blender, pans, and mixing or measuring utensils.
    • Prepare and measure out all ingredients needed for this recipe. Measuring out ingredients needed for a recipe can cut down time and stress.
    • Gathering and preparing all tools and ingredients will assist you in accomplishing  any recipe with efficiency and ease.